Oceanic heart

Oceanic heart
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Oceanic Heart


Oceanic Heart is an intriguing creation of original poetry which guides the reader with a glimpse of the author’s views and perspectives pertaining to the myriad aspects of life. The splendor of the Garden of Eden, sculpture of Lustful bond of Adam & Eve has long fascinated both artists and scholars throughout human ages. The Author has brushed a bountiful description of love on vivid canvas of Oceanic Heart.

In the poem titled ‘Matters of Heart’, the author shares a bountiful description as evidenced by the following passage:

Piercing Hearts, sleuthing waves,

Know stimulus of stimulus,

Lover’s wrecked woes’


The Author conveys feelings of remorse for pledges not kept, the pain caused to both giver & receiver eloquently expressed in the sentimental verses. In poem titled, ‘Apologies’ the author eloquently conveys the essence of action described in below passage:

Million apologies for me,

Forged I promises three,

Vows that smoke fidelity low,

Vows that browse faith bounteous’.


Yes, not vast in volume but the creation is best, significant in message revealing a creative and insightful mind to share. For those dear readers who propagate such traits, this entertaining and thought provoking lyrical prose waiting.



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