To Be A Personal Writer to Every Reader

My Creative Work

May the elements of creation abide within me in perfection

Poems weaved
with my rhythm and emotions
True stories
written to let you discover the real insights of life
Enriching articles
that will give you pause for your introspection and growth
Thought-provoking Quotes
created to kindle your passion, inspiration and hope
to encourage you to live a meaningful and contended life

My Published Books

Beyond all treasures, books have immortal longings in them as they are full of words, ideas, thoughts, emotions, impulses, intelligence, desires and memories…

Harshada Pathare


I simply love to study and understand the big unsolved question of human life – Human conditions and use my power of written craft to enrapture all the characteristics, situations, events, needs, emotions required for its survival.

Unable till now to discover some amazing insights about human conditions, I continue to dwell in my own cherished space in the busy metro city. The challenge is to draw realistic information or conclusions about people, masses, value systems, cultural confluences, life circumstances, choices, social upheaval and employ these in my writings of true stories, articles, quotes to empower my readers.

Not every warrior needs to be armed with ammunition or weapons but sometimes your energy, thoughts, self-directed values can be more influential in creating a better living place on the earth. I believe that each of us should be an exemplary role model for our upcoming generations and infuse our positive-thinking ability and life experiences in their mindset through our immortal work of literature.

Hence, I always employ my rationality, commitment, creativity, and discipline to bring out the best in each of my writings, be it a true story, article, poem, video or a single quote, I ensure that it is the most remarkable and sustainable piece of my written work.

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