Now I am mother

Million thanks, Million times, In million ways, You evolved me, To be world’s best mother,   At times, I almost cried, Sometimes I felt failed, Even softly I yelled, As

Nothing Unheard

  Nothing unheard, As you think, I hear it all, With murmurs of moist eyes, Shivers of juicy lips, Your language guides, So I understand it all.   Only if

My Lad

A young lad who owes my beauty and thoughts, With years passing, growing into a fine man   From clinging to my apron strings, He grips, now fast wheels, The

Living Style

New day, new morning, I open my brunette eyes, Thoughts of living, kissing me, Greeting my soul with joy and light, Trusting self, my heart’s set to live.   I

My Love Was Autumn

Look above; I see the clouds move in a melancholic procession, With soberness, remorse, gloomy pallbearers carry sacred hearse, Follow the sacred casket with respect and pride, slowly silently, It

I Vow Parents

Growing to be your walking stick, I will show you the directions, In the dense, gray forests of life My reliable steps will guide, Your relying paths tenderly, Like you

I Learned From You

I am learning from you an inexplicable language new, From sunrise to moonfall the mystifying learning continues, Affectionately you hold my feeble fingers and lovingly mold, Embryonic thoughts are transformed

He loves her

Wife (says to herself) – He loves her more than me….me, He sees her lovely face through the glowing rays, He hears her serene voice as whispering wind lifts, He


It’s happening, within me, I feel the emotions of happening, Something changing within me, I know the notions of changing. The happening is happening, For the happening to happen, Mysteriously

I Expressed It All

I want to express this now not leave it just unsaid, For within me a feeling streams like a heavy cascade, So here in this poem I have said reflections

For our baby

The world will know you, As beautiful proof of our love, You be a baby boy or girl, For us it holds no importance   From me you may inherent,

If You Could

Bright stars mysteriously gaze down, To light your heart with their astounding smiles, If you could understand from a million leagues Their language of sparkles and laughter of shines, You


From a friend to a wife, From a wife to an expectant mother, You are moving our life to new heights   Fondly touching for love’s sake, Arrests my hours

Best Gift

You gifted me the eternal best, When close to your gallant chest, In your macho arms you held tight, Lusty sentiments calm down light, This expensive ride, my life feels

Baby Pink or Blue

Baby Pink or Baby Blue, I incredibly wonder, What you do alone, In your small home blue. We long to touch you dear, And hug with smiles and tears, The


You have moved to new address, From our home to star’s dome. Do you miss our home, decorated with your love?   You are now possessor of castle in the

A Divine Gift

Not an adorned gift of glamorous fairies, You came to me as a divine answer, Praying to deities and cosmic power, I awaited your presence for years. Like every woman,