, an attractive writer of deep human feelings, divides her time as so many of us do, between her first love--her family, her work in the city, and her vocation--poetry.

In today’s civilization where all traditional aspects are dissolving; citizens are more inclined towards materialistic earnings and practical opinions, the realization dawned upon her that there comes a time in life when everyone should pursue their own dreams. She believes that your personal strengths and experiences will augment your thinking, values and will paint for you a picture of better tomorrow. As a writer, she wants to inspire passion of enrichment in her readers.

She dwells in her own cherished inner sphere, hidden far away from the world. She draws information and conclusions about the masses, value systems that is personally significant to them, and employs the meditations in her writings.

Rather shy in person, Harshada nonetheless embraces the page and the reader with an open mind and an open heart. By strength of her creative writing, she stimulates readers to listen to her and allows them to be persuaded by her ardent convictions. As a writer she wishes to see herself clearly and conveys that clarity to her readers. This quality of finesse and perfection are majorly responsible for her success.

Harshada employs immense creativity, commitment, and discipline to organize her ideas comprehensively ensuring that, her anthology stands out to be one of the most influential and remarkable poetic composition.

When not writing, Harshada spends her time drawing intimate companionship from friends other than human beings who look forward for a compassionate and loving relationship – ‘A secure world for birds and animals.’

Even photography engages her interest and clock.

Love is the most dynamic force prevailing in the universe. What people really want more than anything else is to be loved unconditionally by someone?  We all require love just like we need oxygen to survive.

Love is the very epitome and core of our organism. It is the vigor that sustains our existence.

Everyone in life has an inherent desire to love and be loved. However people only appreciate love in its emotional shape. 

Love is linked with our survival instinct. Love is a mystical experience, Gift from God without which we would be heading towards a hollow living.

The power of love empowers us with infinite faith. Love is the simple fiber that bonds us together in harmonious relationships beyond our imagination to inscribe.

If not love, we would be living a closed, fearful life and gradually dying in an isolated manner.

Poetry is the artistic expression to explain and elucidate emotions, feelings, relationships, other elements that could not be described in ordinary language.

My poems own the ability to convey inner connections that cannot be expressed through prosaic language. The poems emotionally connect with the mirth of moments, beauty of life.

The readers for my writings would be - Human beings who are devoted to love unconditionally.


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