About Me

Harshada Pathare is a writer of deep human feelings, dividing her time between her family, her work in the city, and her passion – literature.

In today’s society, where many people are inclined towards materialistic desires and weighed down by the practicalities of everyday living, there seems to be little time to develop one’s own self and think of deeper matters. As a writer, Harshada wants to inspire a passion for enrichment in her readers.

Although she may be a typically shy and withdrawn poet, she nonetheless embraces the page and her readers with an open mind and an open heart. She employs creativity, commitment, and literary finesse in the hope that her writings will stand out.

For Harshada, poetry is the artistic expression to explain and elucidate emotions, feelings, relationships, other elements that could not be described in ordinary language. Her poems convey inner connections that cannot be expressed through prosaic language. The poems emotionally connect with the mirth of moments, and the beauty of life.

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Although she is an avid traveller with a thirst for understanding the cultures of the world, she usually works at her home in the metropolis of Mumbai, from where she contributes to literature in various forms to enrich readers and share her ideologies for brighter living. She learns from her sojourns how to nurture her creativity, inspire her imagination and create her own style of celebrations. The magnitude of her thinking abilities to absorb and derive astute thoughts from the tiniest of incidences creates an enriched thought-weaver.

Previous publications include the poetry anthologies “Oceanic Heart” (2007) from Outskirts Press, then ‘A Piece of Paradise” (2011), “Your Majesty” (2012), and “You Complete Me” (2014) from Roman Books, UK.

She also was the winner of the Asczara Award, for the poem “My Lad” in 2011.